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Christian Academy of Martial Arts

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Welcome to the Christian Academy of Martial Arts

Our Mission:

To bring people of all ages closer to Christ through an understanding of His Biblical teachings, while learning self-defense and martial arts skills in a non-threatening, non-confrontational environment.

What We Do:

Christianity and martial arts principles complement each other extremely well - striving for excellence, confidence, respect for others, strength, perseverance, and integrity of character. Most importantly, our training builds upon a relationship with Christ; focusing on His humbleness, integrity, and how we can exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit and be more like Christ, our Savior.

Definition of Our Symbol/Patch:

The Fruit of the Spirit circles the patch symbolizing the character attributes we strive for in our classes. The Biblical verse, Galatians 5:22, identifies the Fruit of the Spirit, represented by an open book directly above the verse. The vines to either side of the cross signify Christ "as the vine, and we are the branches." We grow in our understanding of Christ, and the sacrifice He made for us, by studying His word accepting Him as our Savior. The branches also represent our CAMA schools - growing as we focus on Him, and building a solid foundation.

After 10 years, CAMA has stopped holding classes.  Thanks for your support over the years....

The website will stay up for a while as a resource for ex-students and others.

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God's future plans are brought out by the present vision of His people


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