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Jul 10

What's the Difference Between Kindness and Goodness?

chiburi Posted by: chiburi in Fruit of the Spirit Print 
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What's the Difference between Kindness and Goodness? When a person achieves black belt at our Christian Academy of Martial Arts, they must "do" acts of kindness toward their family and loved ones.Kindness, as I describe to my students, is doing something helpful without expectation for something in return. Taking out the trash, helping around the house, going the extra step in order to ensure something is done correctly - those could all be considered "good, kind-hearted acts." Goodness, on the other hand, goes a bit "deeper." I will stand up for what is right, regardless of whether I am the only one, because it is the right, or because it is good - some equate it to standing up for what is true, or absolute truth. In terms on our own walk, doing good is often difficult, because it should entail not only acts of kindness, but also doing "good" to those that may purposefully harm us. "As much as possible, live in peace with everyone...." as the Bible says. What this suggests is that at times it will be difficult, if not impossible, to live at peace. However, we should pray for our enemies, which is a measure of goodness. One of the most difficult things I had to do in my professional career was pray for someone whom I knew didn't like me. It was out of a misrepresentation by the other person, but he plain and simple, had it out for me. It was difficult for me, and continues to be difficult, but praying for this particular person helped me realize what "goodness" is all about - doing the right thing despit the odds, or who may be against you. Try acts of kindess toward loved ones. They shouldn't be "random acts." Do them purposefully, deliberately. As in our training, we show compassion toward our fellow students by ensuring we help them up when they fall. Start today, and work toward doing good, even in the face if difficulty or evil.
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